Who we Are

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to be the most conscientious, professional, and reliable cleaning service in the surrounding area.  We take pride in our work and guarantee you’ll be completely happy with any service we complete and with our charismatic, friendly staff.

Our Values and Philosophy

We take pride in our appearance as well as our equipment. We want you to be happy with what you see when we arrive at your home and office. We use only ‘the best and the brightest’ cleaning equipment available.  This is how we achieve premium results.

We always strive to be on time, efficient, and will work around your schedule.

In keeping with our green sustainability values, you can trust that each product we bring to you has been carefully evaluated for its effectiveness, eco-friendliness, packaging recycling, and water conservation.  We have been able to find supply partners in the USA and even New York, and will continue to strive to find more local merchants to partner with.

Call on us...

Whether it’s your home, office, or commercial building, at Foley’s UltraFresh we believe in completing every job with the same type of care we would give our own home. Through word of mouth from our loyal customer base is how we have become one of the most trusted cleaning firms.

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